The moment you find the courage to give up your life for someone would be the moment you understand love. Kenshin Himura

Love is simply an electrical bug in the human neural circuit. Akasaka Ryuunosuke

When you fall in love with someone, you start wanting to know lots of things about that person. Ninako Kinoshita

I too am alone. It’s sad being alone. It’s painful. I felt that way too. But if we’re together, at times we may hurt each other, and we may even part. But, that is not the end. I’ll always be with you. Hitomi Kanzaki

You will never be able to love anybody else until you love yourself. Lelouch Lamperouge

If it’s possible for one person to be hurt by another, then it’s possible for that person to be healed by another. Sohma Hatori

Even if we are apart as long as we have a ring which shows our eternal love—we can feel each other nearby. Nasa Yuzaki